Are You Bank Held Funds Working As Hard As They Could?

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Last updated 26th April 2021
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  • Are You Bank Held Funds Working As Hard As They Could?

    Are your bank held funds just sitting in your bank account earning very little interest? Have you thought about putting your funds to work but don't want to put the funds at risk?


    Global Title And Escrow Services LLC (GTES) have a vast and wide reaching network of trusted professionals who have the perfect solutions for you. GTES associates have access to a micro cap trade program with a minimum entry level of $100k. The real peace of mind with this program comes in the shape of the returns being guaranteed whilst the principal sum is never put at risk, in fact the funds are blocked in your bank account*, that's assuming your bank is a top rated bank. You can expect to receive 10% per month^ on your principal sum and the trade program will last for approximately 10-12 months.


    If you're looking to make the most out of your bank held funds but want to make sure your hard earned funds are secure, GTES associates have the perfect solution for you. Contact GTES or request a call for further information.


    *Amounts of $1M only. $1M and below must be held by a custodian.

    ^Amouns of $1M and above. $1M and below returns 2% per month.

    Are You Bank Held Funds Working As Hard As They Could?
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