Know Your Client (KYC)

  • If you have submitted your onboarding form/application and you have been approved, you will need to submit your KYC details to GTES. If you wish to use GTES Escrow services and you agree to follow the GTES Procedures, submit your KYC details using the form below. You will need to submit all documentation requested and complete each section fully, if you wish to use GTES Escrow services. Once your full KYC details have been received, a representing attorney will process your application, and proceed if you are successful.

    IMPORTANT: Incomplete KYC form submissions will be rejected and will not be accepted. KYC forms submitted without onboarding approval will be rejected. Complete the onboard now form/application and await approval prior to submitting your KYC details to GTES.

Sumbit the form/application below to start onboarding with GTES.

IMPORTANT: Submit the onboarding form/application below, prior to submitting your KYC details. Once your onboarding form/application has been approved you may submit your KYC details, by completing the GTES KYC form within this website.