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Biel Bienne Escrow Agent Services.

Global Title And Escrow Services LLC (GTES) covering Biel/Bienne Switzerland and the surrounding areas. GTES offer onboarded buyers and sellers escrow services. For Biel Bienne Escrow Agent Services contact GTES.

Biel/Bienne is a town and a municipality in the Biel/Bienne administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The town lies at the foot of the first mountain range of the Jura Mountains area. The town has been an industrial and watchmaking heart of Switzerland since the 19th century and the town thrives on its precision and micro mechanics, which are renowned world wide. Rolex established and run aspects of their business from the city.

Biel/Bienne is a world heritage site.

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We cover a range of areas in and around Biel/Bienne
  • Biel/Bienne
  • Thun
  • Köniz
  • La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Fribourg
  • Schaffhausen
  • Vernier
  • Chur
  • Sion
  • Uster
  • Neuchâtel
  • Switzerland
  • Zug
  • Zürich
  • Geneva
  • Basel
  • Lausanne
  • Bern
  • Winterthur
  • Lucerne
  • St. Gallen
  • Lugano

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