PPP Trade Program in Switzerland

Submission Is By Invite Only For Serious Investors Looking To Raise Investment Capital - $100M Minimum Entry Level.

  • PPP Trade Program In Switzerland

    Investors raising funds and sophisticated investors in Switzerland are allowed to be invited to take part in a ppp trade program. The platform is unsolicited and is always offered on an invite only basis. The strict rules and terms of private placement always apply to everyone. An enquiry to join can be offered to the platform but a client will only be invited to join the platform. Importantly, until an invite has been made, the individual will not receive any draft copies of any trade agreements.

    Contact GTES to discuss the potential of being introduced to a platform intake officer who will look over submitting an application to join a ppp trade program for you.

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  • How The Platform Works

    It's important to note there are approximately 8-10 platforms trading across the globe, so if a acquaintance of a friend or a random broker or intermediary discusses that they work in conjunction with a platform or trade program, or any kind of program for that matter, it's probably a scam. Be very alert of scams and always make sure you complete your own background investigation and request trade history or other documentation that would 100% back up any claims. It's critical you do not hand over any funds or application charges and don't permit anyone access to your private or company finances.

    Who is the platform for? The platform is for: 1) Institutions or Foundations. 2) High net worth individuals. 3) Sophisticated investors. It's important to bear in mind that this platform is not for banks or Governments under any circumstances.

    Platform basics and how it works: Investors money is never touched. Principal funds are either a) blocked in their own personal or private account or b) moved and held in a non depleting joint account with the trader, giving the investor peace of mind knowing their money is secure.

    The regulated and licensed and audited humanitarian platform is well known and open throughout the year, which manages expert traders. The humanitarian platform works with a well known and reputable humanitarian foundation which is very visible prior to being introduced to the humanitarian platform. The humanitarian foundation looks after the handling of the client invite only application process and submission.

    An experienced trader working with the platform monetises the investors instrument and the platform opens a line of credit against the monetised amount (hypothetically by 10 X, for example) . This is very likely to be more. The credit line given to the experience trader is only be triggered when a principal investor provides the initial collateral via their asset (instrument or funds).

    Utilising the credit line, the platform then buys Medium Term Notes (MTN's)/Bonds at heavily reduced rates, and then almost immediately sells the MTN's/Bonds at a higher price to exit buyers like pension funds, insurance funds, and other funds who they have long standing contracts with. The pension funds & insurance funds work closely with the platform, and have mutually beneficial contracts and have a long standing relationship with the humanitarian platform and trade program.

    The principal returns are in line with the trade contract drawn up with the humanitarian platform prior to entering the programme. The investors initial investment deposit is never at risk because a) the funds are held in a private account or non depleting account and b) the platform has the more than enough on their balance sheet to utilise their own funds as collateral should it be needed.

    PPP Trade Program
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  • A Licensed Attorney Oversees The Entire Escrow Trade Execution.

    Buyers & Sellers In Switzerland Are You Ready?

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  • Switzerland Escrow Agent Services.

    Global Title And Escrow Services LLC (GTES) covering Switzerland and the surrounding areas. GTES offer onboarded buyers and sellers escrow services. For Switzerland Escrow Agent Services contact GTES.

    Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a sovereign state situated in the confluence of western, central, and southern Europe.

    Switzerland is a prosperous country, synonymous with political neutrality and banking privacy.

    This region, nicknamed “Crypto Valley,” has passed some very progressive laws regarding crypto and related businesses, even approving Bitcoin as payment for utility bills.

    For Switzerland Escrow Agent Services or to discuss a private transaction requiring specific solutions, request a call.

    We cover a range of areas in and around Switzerland

    • Switzerland
    • Zug
    • Zürich
    • Geneva
    • Basel
    • Lausanne
    • Bern
    • Winterthur
    • Lucerne
    • St. Gallen
    • Lugano
    • Biel/Bienne
    • Thun
    • Köniz
    • La Chaux-de-Fonds
    • Fribourg
    • Schaffhausen
    • Vernier
    • Chur
    • Sion
    • Uster
    • Neuchâtel
    A little bit about GTES in Switzerland
  • Popular FAQs
    Why Does GTES operate a Trade Platform?
    Why Does GTES operate a Trade Platform?

    GTES does not operate a trade platform.

    GTES act as the intake officer for numerous transaction managers and have a vast network of program managers and trade desks. Through the GTES network of trusted associates, successfully onboarded clients could consider secure transaction opportunities with Central Banks and Global Governments, specifically engineered transactions, buy and sell programmes (when they are available), ongoing Global commodity transactions, and numerous other opportunities when they arise.

    The rules of private placement apply when dealing with all trade platforms.

    View our Private Placement Trade Platform here.

Submit the onboarding application below prior to submitting your KYC details, and await onboarding approval and acceptance.

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